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Established in 2010, we are an emerging technologies venture and development studio focusing on future positive projects in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. As Unit8 we collaborate with clients such as Ethereum, Tezos, NEAR, Celo, Algorand, and Cosmos. Blockchain-agnostic, we back projects that make a difference. Contact Us

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  • Strategy & Scaling Teams
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Product Development
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Governance

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We are passionate about creating digital experiences. We solve complex challenges, think long-term, and consider our curiosity a starting point. Our goal is a positive and sustainable change for all stakeholders. We believe in an exchange at eye level, in learning from each other. Our collaboration is driven by self-determination, personal responsibility, and continuous development.

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About us

Following the legacy of the original spirit of the internet, Blockchain has appeared as a tool for cooperation. We believe in its revolutionary potential to change the way cooperation is managed, drifting away from centralized authorities and allowing more power to a wider public. To build a future in which organizational structures are horizontal, decentralized, and governed by their users. With our work, we aim to create a positive impact, looking for sustainable fairness rather than short-term profit.

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We are hiring

We are looking for a reliable, proactive Senior Frontend Developer that wants to work with an international team on web3 solutions.

The Senior Frontend developer will contribute across the technology stack, covering end-to-end hybrid and native web application development, including DevOps tooling.

If you are interested in collaborating with us and fit the description, please send us a quick hello to



24 Jun 2021

Announcing the Celo Development 101 Course from Dacade

The Celo Foundation has awarded a grant to Dacade our peer-to-peer education platform that makes active social learning affordable and scalable, to grow Celo’s developer community through peer-to-peer challenges and developer education. Dacade has launched Celo Development 101, a free, online course specifically for developers who are interested in creating dApps for Celo, an open-source blockchain ecosystem focused on making decentralized financial (DeFi) systems and too
31 May 2021

Brasserie Colette

Brasserie Colette is a French brasserie concept restaurant developed specifically for DPF The French cuisine displays the culinary signature of the restaurant's creator, Tim Raue. Sweet, sour, and spicy flavor combinations make a visit to Brasserie Colette a unique taste experience. In addition to the gastronomical highlights, it features a stylish interior designed by renowned architects Esther Bruzkus [https://esterbruzkus.c
15 Mar 2021

Ape Unit is Stewarding the Interchain Foundation UX Working Group

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) is the operational unit that builds and promotes the Cosmos Network an Internet of Blockchains. Its mission is to research, develop, and promote open, decentralized network technologies that provide greater sovereignty, security, and sustainability to the world's communities. High-quality developer experiences (DX) and user experiences (UX) are essential for open, network technologies to be truly accessible to e
14 Aug 2020

Eventivize — Empowering Artists

We’ve been teasing you with the idea of Eventivize over the past few weeks, diving into the Venezuelan rave scene, finding our inspiration from the virtual concert at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and discussing the problems that we see in the music industry. Finally, we want to share the details of this project with you — in return, we want your feedback, thoughts, critiques, and hopefully support! Ape Unit is incredibly proud to be partners with both CTM
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